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Buy, sell, trade or share at your own risk.  Monkeebooks is not responsible for the outcome of a sale. We reserve the right to investigate any reported complaints or any violations of our guidelines.

Digital Downloads: Respect other’s experiences by not posting digital resources that makes a historical event or experience seem less important, significant, or complex than it really is (e.g., 1940s Japanese Internment Camps, the Holocaust, 9/11, Roman slavery/American slavery, Civil Rights Movement, etc.) or disrespects or discriminates the beliefs or lives of our audience.

Digital Property rights.  Your resources must only contain material that you own the rights to (copyright, trademark, and other rights) or that you have the legal right to use commercially. When you upload a digital resource to our services, you represent and warrant to us and to members who may use your resource that you have the necessary rights to use all of the content you include in your resource, that neither Monkeebooks nor any member will have to obtain a license or pay royalties to any third parties, and that the intended use of your resource by Monkeebooks or a member will not infringe on anyone’s rights (including copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights, personality, publicity, or privacy rights). Monkeebooks has adopted a policy in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We will remove resources that are identified in a valid legal notice as infringing, or that we have a good faith belief are infringing. Each time the seller will receive a strike, and after three(3) strikes we’ll close the account of that Sellers.

Posting Products: Do not post duplicates. Our cart offers variances and all kinds of options. Our search programs work very well, and if you feel you need more exposure, check out our advertising opportunities. Click here. NO porn or obscene images (even if you think it’s art) or language. This site is viewed by children as well as adults, so please keep things at a “Rated G” level.

Please note: Due to the cultural climate of our world, Monkeebooks will not be allowing any Sex Education materials on our web site at this time.  We have decided to just not go there.

Posting Images. Use your own photos when posting pictures of your items for sale. Do not list anything without using a photo. Please do not use stock photography. Buyers need to see the actual product, flaws and all (if any).

Note Exception: If you are a professional seller/retailer and are selling new items, stock catalog photos are permitted.

Maintain your sale items.  Each resource file you upload to our service must be complete, fully accessible, and in working condition at all times. If any part of your resource content is hosted on another platform or relies on a third party service, you must maintain the third party content at all times. (e.g., Dropbox) You may not require the purchase of any additional software or equipment not listed as required in your resource description. You may not require the purchase, subscription, or registration of an account with any other websites or services to access your full resource.


Do not post anything that isn’t your own creation. If you infringe on someone else’s copyright / fair use or intellectual property your product will be pulled down and you will receive a strike. If you receive 3 strikes, your account will be terminated.  If you need to get written permission from another creator before using their work in your own, then please contact us or have them contact us so we can document it. You are responsible to take steps necessary to assure that you’re satisfying any legal requirements and/or research to find out if you are violating public domain laws.


Paying Fees. By creating an account on Monkeebooks you agree to pay the fee percentage of your transaction for using the Monkeebooks site. Our small fees will include your ability to transact, paying for server space and for advertising Monkeebooks as a whole to further the reach of your sales. We have several options available and offer more insertions for less fees than most of the larger sites like Ebay and Amazon. We do not charge extra for additional styling, images, etc… We have the one fee and nothing more.


To sell, we ask you select at least one(1) of two(2) ways to receive money from monkeebooks from your transaction. You can use both and we recommend you do, but you must select one(1). The first is through PayPal and the other through Stripe. Both have their own fee structure, but they are similar at about 3%.

PayPal: Paypal used to offer “Adaptive Payments” – this is no longer available. What this means is that they used to split payments between the vendor and store owner automatically. They are working on another program to do this – however until this is available you, as a seller, have the option to to request a withdraw or receive an automatic payout. You can request a withdraw at anytime two(2) days after the transaction is completed. This allows time for you to ship and the customer to respond if need be. We send out payouts automatically around the 15th and end of the month 2 days old and older automatically. Please see our FAQs for more information.

Stripe: Stripe automatically splits payments between the seller and So you will need to set up a Stripe account. It’s free to set up and easy to do and we offer a link in your account. Like PayPal, you will need your financial information (bank, account, routing#, etc…) and some personal information to set it up. Your first transaction will take ten(10) business days to deposit, but any subsequent deposit will only take two(2) business days, even if you switch banks. They have excellent reporting and customer service. They accept most major credit cards. We recommend at least Stripe as a seller, but it’s advantageous to have both. Please see our FAQs for more information.

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