Art K-12 | Our Featured Author, Kristin Draeger

Art K-12 | Our Featured Author, Kristin Draeger

Whether you are new to homeschooling or an old-timer, Monkeebooks wants to make sure you know our featured author, Kristin Draeger. Kristin is the author of the Drawing the World and American Art series.  Her company is called ArtK12.

The ArtK12 Drawing the World series is unique in that it helps you and your kids draw the countries of the seven continents in a step-by-step manner.  These books are easy to use and worth every penny you drop on them.

Having a map of the world already printed in your mind’s eye is a gift because it enables you to understand the circumstances that form the setting of an event (current or historical), a news story or where the latest volcano is erupting. We all need the context of “placing the place” in our minds when we are in conversations or writing papers. Having a grasp on geography and being able to think through the whys, wheres and whens causes our brains to want to think deeply – and that’s a good thing!

Having the discipline to draw the world or a map of the United States or some other country is also art practice.  The ArtK12 books make both art and geography fun and do-able.

Draw the World

An Outline of Continents and OceansAn easy, step-by-step approach to teach your students how to draw the world

Here are a few sample pages from the book

Here’s our 11yr old’s drawing of the world using ArtK12.

You can find all ArtK12 products on their website Sign up for their newsletter blog as they do have special discount promotions on their books from time to time. You can also find ArtK12 resources at Rainbow Resources or Amazon.  Timberdoodle carries Draw the USA book.  You’ll even find their products here on Monkeebooks!

If you are in the Classical Conversations program – ArtK12 Draw the World books are not cycle specific BUT all roads lead to Challenge A, so to speak, where cartography is the focus.  If your kids need a little more challenge tracing blob maps, graduate them to the Draw the World: An Outline of Continents and Oceans. If it’s time for Cycle 1 – move on to Africa / Asia. During Cycle 2 they draw Europe but if your child wants to keep going ArtK12 has other books to cover Canada / Mexico / Greenland. In Cycle 3 you draw the USA but you can add the ArtK12 book on South Amercia, too.

If anything, you or your children will have the right answer if you ever run into Jay Leno on the street.


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